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    Cannot find in crystal reports a table that is in the configuration management

    bialae Apprentice

      In Configuration Management -> Configuration Item, we have an Object called Workstation. This object contains all of our devices asset tags of all laptops, desktops and servers. These are the same asset tags in LANDesk Management Suites under All Devices. In crystal reports I see all the "cf" tables and I tried each and every one of them. Only the table "cf-config_item" contains asset tags but limited only to laptops and servers. Other "cf" tables contain nothing.


      By the way, the Business Object Incident does have an attribute field named "Workstation" it has a symbol of a one-to-one relationship and in the properties, the title says "Workstation" and the name is "_Workstation." I know it exist because when we create a new incident there is a drop down that allows to select an asset tag.


      Would anyone please help me where to find that table in the crystal report? I thought I would see "cf-config_Workstation" or something like that but I cannot find anywhere in the crystal reports a table that holds all out asset tags.


      Thank you so very much.