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    Size of Incident Details content


      First time poster, I just found this forum.


      As a high volume user of LANDesk, I am looking to understand more about its functionality as this information is not made available to me by our internal staff.


      I have an issue with the size of our Incident Details content field (the field that displays the email of the auto-lodged incident.


      I open a lodged tasks and review the content of the request via this field - the field is roughly 6 standard text lines deep. though it displays whole email trails with screenshots etc, the actual field display size is tediously small. Do our LANDesk Admins have the ability to change the lay out of an open tasks and increase the size of this field so that its easier to read content.


      Thanks in advance

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          Hi Benson,


          Yes they do, LANDESK is highly customisable and this is very simple to change. Maybe you should talk to them and ask if you can submit an enhancement request with them.


          The problem with text boxes is that they used to grow with the content but this is no longer the case due to a bug. The LD admins need to consider the average screen resolution etc to make sure the screens work for everyone without causing lots of scrolling or layout issues.


          Good luck getting it sorted.


          Best Regards,