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      Hi All:


      In my current configuration of LDSD, I have the ability to add tasks.  However they do not have their own separate process.  The tasks that we create currently do not carry any information from the incident (raise user, location, or description).  I need to create a task process that pulls basic information from the parent incident and then allows for notes or update information in the task by the technician and then auto assign the task based off category selected.   Does anyone have a configuration that they can share that works well for them?


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          Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

          So what you can do is first create the Task window you want to see.  On that window, make sure you add "Incident" as and attribute.  Then you will be able to pull text data across from the Incident form itself (Description, Title, etc..).


          Then all you will need to do is build out your Task workflows just like you would any other module.  This could include notes, categories, etc... then just use permissions to set what others can and can't do.  Once you have this set up, add your "Add Task" to your main Incident workflow then highlight that action and go to the properties.  Within the properties you can tell that action what workflow to follow.

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