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    How does "Assumed Answered" work?




      I was just wondering if the "Assumed Answered" status is given to a discussion automatically or is it's a manual, human process?


      I'm asking because I just noticed that one of my questions - Best practice for reinstalling agent including AV - has been tagged as "Assumed Answered", but the question has not been answered at all. Actually, the only replies to the question is from myself where I provide some more information and then another user agreeing with me that it can be an issue. So in essence, there's no useable answer to this question and therefore marking it as answered is wrong as users browsing for a solution on the topic won't get what the status of the question implies they'll get (which is an usable answer).





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          karenpeacock SupportEmployee

          Hi there


          It seems that a moderator thought that it looked like the answer was within the thread and marked it as assumed answered.  You as the original poster can override this by picking the actual correct answer within the thread.  If there is no correct answer (as in this case) you can click one reply as correct and then click it again to indicate it's actually not correct.  This sets the thread back to "Not Answered".  A bit of a faff I'm afraid but I haven't been asked about this before so hopefully this is a rarity.


          I've set your thread back to "Not Answered" for you.  Please do let me know if you experience this again.


          Best wishes


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            Thanks, Karen.


            They're usually right in their reviews, so I don't think it's a big problem, but this one was clearly wrong so thanks for the tip.