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    Digital Signatures

    Darren.Bradshaw Expert

      We are looking into using digital signature on completion of an Incident / Request.


      We have develop an in house app that works by capturing the signature using a web interface then e-mailing this into Service Desk with gets added as an attachment.


      What we would like to have this web page displayed on the resolution screen, in a browser control, but we need to be able to pass the reference number of the process into this browser window or us the id as part of the URL for the browser control.


      Does anyone know if this is possible

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          Hi Darren,


          Should be with a calculation and an iFrame on the page i would guess. You can embed an iFrame as a default value for an attribute  and then control it with a Dynamic Window calculation.


          Let me know if you need a point in the right direction .


          Good luck!


          Best Regards,


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            Darren.Bradshaw Expert

            Hi Dan,


            Yeah that would be great.  However we are still on 7.5


            But is good to know, as we are looking to upgrade soon I hope


            Thanks for the response.



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              Hi Darren.Bradshaw,


              Hmmm, totally untested as i don't have time to create a working example today unfortunately. Maybe try setting this in an 'After Read' attribute that is set to be HTML.


              import System
              static def GetAttributeValue(Request):
                SignatureValue = ""
                if Request.Signature != null:
                SignatureValue = Request.Signature
                if SignatureValue != ""
                    return "<iframe align=\"center\" frameborder=\"no\" height=\"100%\" scrolling=\"no\" src=\"ADDMYURL.com/Content/SignatureValue/" + SignatureValue + ".htm\" width=\"100%\"></iframe>"
                return "<p style=\"font-family: Tahoma; font-size: 10pt; text-align: center;\"><strong>No signature defined</strong></p>"


              Let me know if you need more help and i will see what i can do. 7.7.x is great and we have a complex system which was fully tested fine . Looking forward to what is ahead in future releases too.


              Good luck!


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                Darren.Bradshaw Expert

                Hi Dan


                Finally got round to trying this in 7.7.3.


                I have managed to get the web page to display in the attribute using an iframe, but it only shows up after the resolution if displayed.  What I need is, it to be displayed when then resolution is created rather than when the resolution is created 


                Then i can use this in the dynamic form based on an other value.


                I have changed the calc to before save but this had no effect.  Any ideas?

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                  Hi both,


                  While it doesn't achieve exactly what you're looking for here, it might be a suitable alternative - we added a new feature in 7.7.3 whereby a user is required to re-enter their password on launching or saving an action, thus ensuring that the person who is executing the action is definitely the person who is logged in. You can read more about this feature in the New Features documentation.





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                    Afzal.patel Apprentice

                    We have had a request to include signatures on outbound messages. 

                    I think the easiest way for us will be to add a new attribute to hold signature, then include that attribute as a placeholder on the notification.  If staff choose not to enter a signature then it will simply be blank.

                    We will probably give staff access to amend the new signature attribute on user so they can maintain themselves.


                    Not tested but sounds like it should work

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                      You may need to choose the attribute that the calculation is dependent on (like update date) and set the property calculate in change on the window to be true