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    Help with query

    GaryH Apprentice

      IN LDMS 9.5 When I query and search of a product via Computer --Software--Product---Title Like "Adobe Acrobat"  and then add a qualifier to the Title selected columns, I must choose the whole name. In the Qualifier= 


      This requires me to pick the name from a list of installed items. But I don't want the whole name, I just want "Adobe Acrobat"  How do I do this????. I want all versions reported.

      If I leave it blank, I get ALL the items installed on the machines that meat the query, not just what I'm after.  How do I get rid of all the other stuff?????

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          Peter Massa Expert



          I believe what you are looking for would be like so:

          Query Name: Adobe Acrobat Versions

          Machine Components: "Computer"."Software"."Add or Remove Programs"."Program"."Name" LIKE "Adobe Acrobat"

          Select Columns: "Computer"."Software"."Add or Remove Programs"."Program"."Version"


          This will automatically pair the filter above (Machine Components) to the appropriate column selected if they are from the same root object (which in this case is "Program").  You do not need to use a Qualifier unless you are trying to narrow down the versions returned to a specific version such as "11.0.06".


          Hope this helps,


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            GaryH Apprentice

            Thanks, yeah I guess I saw the repeat when I didnt mirror the field the query was based on in the bottom section.