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    Hardware Independent Imaging freezes OSD and fails

    Jon Miller Apprentice

      I am having some difficulties with OSD after upgrading the core to 9.6. I have narrowed it down to the HII step causing a hang up and freezing the process which inturn, times out and fails. I have looked for logs on the core but have none that pertain to this. I'm not sure where to go from here. I have double checked the path to the driver store in multiple places, tested permissions, and verified with other non-domain pc's that have access to the repository. Any suggestions or Best Known Practices for 9.6 would be appreciated. We had 9.5 working fine then BOOM 9.6 got us, haha!

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          That's interesting that HII 'changed' between 9.5 and 9.6 because we didn't make any changes to the discovery, download or processing of drivers in WinPE.  From a code standpoint it should be identical to how it was before.


          If you can get the HIIClient.log file from the client machine that would help a lot.  It should be in the X:\ldprovision folder while in WinPE and it gets copied to the C:\Windows\Temp directory so you can see the results after leaving WinPE.  Either copy of the log would be fine.



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            Jon Miller Apprentice

            I am currently rebuilding the driver repository and will get the log if it appears again.... I had issues the entire week last week and came in today and thought, hey for the heck of it let's give it a try and it worked haha. Not sure what in the world changed in 24 hours but we will see if it continues to work. Give me a bit for this repository to finish compiling and I will run it again and see if I get the same issue for you. Thanks for the reply!

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              Jon Miller Apprentice

              Well... it hasn't failed but it now is not pulling all of the correct drivers... ugh... I verified that the drivers are in the correct location and that they are the correct drivers. The video and chipset drivers do not install. Back to troubleshooting it! Thanks for the help!

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                I bailed on HII and started using this method and haven't looked back.


                LANDesk Management Suite 9.5 SP1 - Best Practice HII 9.5SP1 for DELL Computers


                Basically, you build an INI file with a list of computers and a path to their drivers.  Computer is queried with a wmi query:  wmic csproduct get name


                The tool copydrivers then does a wildcard match on the return of the wmi query and copies the drivers to the machine.  Then you use DISM to install.  It's not as hands-off as built in HII, but I now know for absolute certainty that the drivers I want to be installed will be installed.  With that said, I guess HII isn't all that hands off either because you need to manually assign drivers if HII is pulling from another driver store that you don't want it to pull from.

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                  Alex.Richardson SSMMVPGroup

                  As slimowski said you can override the automatic driver engine by assigning the correct driver to the hardware inside HII. It can even be handy to diagnose why it is not working as when you select the device hardware in the Assign window, you can populate the drivers by the hardware ID you selected. If no drivers show then the vendors driver inf is not correct or you have the wrong drivers in your library


                  Either way you can force the driver you want in here and if you have tested the driver manually and it works then it will work when you assign it and rebuild the PC.

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                    I myself gave up on HII seems to unreliable especially the second pass in system configuration. I have seen a number of models not recover from this step re-evaluating and configuring the entire device manager instead of just doing the drivers you may have assigned via distribution packages or inf associations.I injected the powershell module in my LANDesk PE wim files and wrote a powershell script to wmi query the model and inject the correct drivers into c:\windows\inf. This has been by far the best way to I have handled driver management. Its similar to the copydrivers tool suggested by slimowski. As powershell has become very popular I went that route.