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    HII failure in Post-OS Installation - DISM Error


      LD 9.6


      There are two HII actions in the prov. template; one in Post-OS installation and one in System Configuration.


      The Post-OS installation fails. The DISM log (specifically setupAPI.app.log) shows 1 single error:


      >>>  [SetupInstallFromInfSection - MmcAspNetExtCOMComponents.Install]

      >>>  Section start 2014/08/20 11:32:37.293

            cmd: C:\windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\aspnet_regiis.exe -iru

      !!!  inf: Unable to create registry key

      !!!  inf: Error 5: Access is denied.

      !!!  inf: Error setting registry value HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\MMC\NodeTypes\{a841b6c7-7577-11d0-bb1f-00a0c922e79c}\Extensions\PropertySheet\{fedb2179-2335-48f1-aa28-5cda35a2b36d}

      !!!  inf: Error 5: Access is denied.

      !!!  inf: Error parsing section [MmcAspNetExtCOMComponents.Install], key=AddReg.

      !!!  inf: Error 5: Access is denied.

      <<<  Section end 2014/08/20 11:32:37.371

      <<<  [Exit status: FAILURE(0x00000005)]


      The rest of the drivers install just fine.


      I have set this action to continue if it fails.


      I have two questions.


      1. Is there something I can do that will allow DISM to write to the registry? Some other registry setting perhaps - or a command?

      2. If not, is there a way that I can have the prov. template NOT mark the entire prov. scheduled task as having failed.


      The provisioning tasks works just fine but shows that it always fails just because of this one error.