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    9.6 HII Driver Manager doesn't populate device ID's


      I am currently trying to configure a Lenovo desktop for HII.  I have copied appropriate driver files over to the files\drivers lcoation on the core and built the library.  I then go to Assign > Select Make, Model, OS, Architecure, .inf File and I see the tree populate with the devices.  I select "Populate by selected device ID".  I browse to Network Adapters (in left window pane) and select Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller.  I hit Search and nothing shows up, therefor I cannot assign a driver for this device.  I know for a fact I have the correct drivers in the library as I can manually install the driver in windows and point to this location and it will install.


      Am I missing something here?  Maybe it's my lack of knowledge and understanding of how HII works in 9.6 but in 9.0 HII was a breeze compared to this.  I have provided a screenshot in case anyone would like to see.


      I am looking forward to someone shedding some light on this.  Thank you.