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    First installation for LANDesk Servicedesk


      This is my first installation for LANDesk Servicedesk.


      Already installation is completed. I want to start with the configurations.


      So, is there any perfected steps to start with the Configuration?

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          If your asking that question I assume you are not working with a consultant to get you going.  The best advice I can give you is to do the boot camp training for Service Desk so you kind of learn the basics of administration and use.  Then when the consultant comes in you save years on your configuration and setup of your processes.  These people are very good at the process and you get the experience of every install they have done.  They organize everything, set everything up, and get your basic processes started and setup.  Then with your training you can continue to add to the basics they set up.  Always easier to make changes than to start from nothing.  Without consulting services, everything is 100% harder and it will take you a year or more to get up and running.  This is just one of those products.


          If you don't take my advise, then start with Out Of The Box database, set up LDAP import of users that happens nightly.  Add attributes (fields) to the objects (tables) that you need to show on your Windows (forms).  Only use the console for design, use Web Access for your dashboards, and process windows.  You will need at least one process and one window.  Then you will need to add a short cut that links the process and window so users can select it.  The dashboards show open incidents, resolved/closed incidents are not open so you won't see them on a dashboard.  It's how you know what still needs to be done.  There are so many thing to do to make this happen I can't even begin to tell you it all.  But at least this points you in the direction.


          Again, best advise is use the consultants.  Their well worth every penny.  I would guess everyone else will say the same.

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            Thanks for quick response.


            The servicedesk boot camp in my schedule. But first or all I would like to under stand the correct sequence of actions required to configure new servicedesk installation/ For Example:

            1- Import Company

            2- Import Department.

            3- Import Users.

            4- Group.

            5- IT Staff.

            6- Service Catalog



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              Service Catalog is a huge undertaking.  Unless that is your main point for Service Desk I would start with something easier like Incident for your help desk.


              Departments most often are your groups, it's who you assign incidents to.  IT staff are users but need to be converted to analysts so they can use Service Desk and look at any incident.

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                dmshimself ITSMMVPGroup

                There probably isn't a best practice answer as it so much depends on what you want to achieve.  Incident, Request and so on, but categories, drop down lists, users, departments, SLAs, querys and reports are all bound to be in the mix.  If you have a consultant booked or have an account manager, I'd ask them for an early insight into any proposed workshops they are going to run.  That way you can prepare in advance.  If you don't have a consultant booked, then you should still ask you account manager for any of the documentation they are prepared to release to you which covers this material