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    Encrypt password in the Telnet Emulation configuration file?


      Hi there,


      Is there a way to encrypt or obfuscate the different passwords in the Telnet Emulation configuration file?


      As of today, anyone who steals a device can navigate on the hard drive using a computer and USB cable, collect the Telnet Emulation files and recover most of the information in there, including password to change and/or exit the application.


      This leads to get information about the telnet server address(es), getting to use the device as a gateway for any device to connect when access to the Operating System is granted (after exiting the application with the clear-text password recovered from the file), and some more.


      If this is not possible today, is there anything planned in the near future? Ideally the password is encrypted in the file and the tool (Configmgr.exe) should only be able to read and change it, but not display it, as the tool itself is free for downloading on the Wavelink website.


      Thanks for the feedback and help.