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    LDSD 7.7.1 Web Desk Useless Print Icon Help


      So, I knew this was a problem way back in LDSD 7.4, but hey, we never configured Web Desk for production and are just now moving to it.  I haven't been able to find a document telling me otherwise and I couldn't find anything in the manuals, so I am hoping someone can help me here.


      We have the Reports Shortcut/Icon configured properly and that is working fine.  However, because this "Print" Shortcut/Icon is available and the first thing that Analysts see when they want to print something, it is the first item they click.  Of course this sends out a bunch of unusable pages.


      Does anyone know how to configure or hide this shortcut?

      What has everyone else been doing, besides telling Analysts not to use it?

      If there are no "fixes" to this, how is it this has been an issue since 7.4 and not been resolved?  At least let us remove the thing.