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    Updates not Downloading through Management Gateway


      I have been working on validating the implementation of our management gateway and have run into an issue.


      Currently the management gateway will function normally when updating inventories, remote control, security scans, etc. What seems to be failing though is the actual downloading of the patch files when a security scan is run. The agent communicates with the core server, gets the current security definitions, runs through the detection cycle. Then when a needed patch is detected, it fails when trying to download the actual patch files.


      As this is a new implementation, I am working off the assumption that I simply missed a setting, but just don't know what it is. The message that appears in the security scan window is "Failed: could not download http://core/ldlogon/patch/updatefile". The client then proceeds to notify the core server that it could not download the patch file and then closes after the 60 second timer. The same patches that can't be download via the management gateway will download and install normally when the agent is placed back on the local network.


      What did I miss and where can I look to further determine what might be the cause of the download failure?