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    Reports from ERP have stopped working or working slower.


      Hello ,


      Recently we have started to experience issues with running reports from Data Analytics -> Executive Reports Pack.

      Reports have stopped working just like that - we haven't made any changes on server/database/network.


      I'll now describe a litlle bit how it looks.:



      When i run report from the console it launching IE and redirects to following webpage :



      It takes about 7-10 minutes to load the page .



      When the page is finally loaded and i click on the Run Report button i can see this "Loading ... Please wait... "

      This screen is visible for 15-20 minutes, and after this time we receive :



      Before server reboot we had there OutOfMemory Exception instead of timeout.


      In parallel report file is created in inetpub folder :


      It have strange name ( Data Analytics Executive Reports Do Not Save Properly "Could Not Save The Report" Error - this doesn't help ), and very huge size - up to 4 gb.


      Do someone experienced similar issue ?