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    DISM failing on all Models


      HII (DISM) is failing on all of my models and not picking up sepecified drivers either. I am running LDMS 9.5 SP2. I have tried this on 5 different models and it always fails. I am including a dism log file from one of my laptops as well as a picture of what WinPE is telling me when it does fail. I have verified that the "problem drivers" are in fact inmy driver depository on the core and I have rebuilt the driver db as well.


      If anyone can help, it would be appreciated!



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          wcoffey SupportEmployee

          Looking at the DISM log the drivers (USH - Unified Security Hub drivers) that are failing to install are related to an E6420. Can you verify this is the system you are attempting to apply the drivers to. The "specified drivers", are you manually assigning these drivers to the targeted device using the HII Driver Management tool or are you just loading them into the HII Repository? If the hardware ids on these drivers are indeed a match they should be loaded into the lddriverstore after  hiiclient.exe runs.  You can force these drivers into the lddriverstore by manually assigning them.  If you can, please attach the HIIClient.log file (x:ldprovision\hiiclient.log).

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            Ok things got even stranger now......


            I pulled all of the driver files out of ldmain\landesk\files\drivers including the database.

            I left nothing in there and rebuilt the database which said it processed 0 files and 0 drivers.

            I then recreated the boot stick and tried to image a PC again.

            HII failed again and it was still trying to pull drivers that were in there including the USH driver for the E6420, among others as well.


            I have attached the HIIClient.log as well to original post.

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              The issue was that the driver database was captured in the image itself. LANDesk was referencing that database instead of copying the new one down. I added a step in my template to delete that folder and now it is working properly again.