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    Can I add multiple request types to my CI?  Or can I change "request service?"

    jkhill Specialist

      I'm still in the early stages of my service catalog design.  I've designed several CI objects and windows and built out the Request object and window.  Before I start on process design, I wanted to make sure I understood the limits of the service catalog; I don't want to design something to accommodate a limit that doesn't exist.


      So my question:  Is there any way to have more than one "Request service" button per CI?  I'll be using the Service Catalog for security requests.  For a CI of type Network Share, I'd like the user to click on Request Read Access and Request Modify Access.  For a server CI the options could be Request Admin Access, Request New Service Account and Request New Share. 

      Can this be done?

      If that's not possible then I'll probably set up a handful of CIs with generic names like Network Share Access.  The user would click on the Request Service link to get to the Request window and would then select the appropriate CI from the dropdown.  The downside of that is that they wouldn't be able to see much detail about the requested CI that way, whereas if the CI is the share that I want access to, I can just click on the share and see its description, path, etc, and know that I chose the right one.