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    Remote client upgrade options

    Tom O'Brien Apprentice

      All, we have subset of our environment that are remote (off network) users. We would like to develop a method to get the clients upgraded to the latest LDMS client without forcing them to bring the machines back to IT. Some basic info:


      Users do connect in via VPN periodically but typically for brief periods of time.

      End Users do not have local admin rights. 

      We do have a gateway but the clients would need to be upgraded first to take advantage of it.

      We would like the end user to control the install (when it happens). This should stop them from shutting down/rebooting during the middle of the install.

      The one option we keep going back to is putting the client upgrade in the Desktop Manager/Portal. We would target the 'With Status' client so the end user would see the install running even as the LANDESK client is being ripped and replaced. We've had mixed results with this and it can take a very long time to download the client and run the install from the portal via VPN.


      So, anyone have any ideas/suggestions on how to best solve this issue?



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          JonnyB SupportEmployee

          You could try this. I haven't ever tested having the advancedagent pointing to a renamed with status agent... but might work. If not then just leave it as is and have them not shutdown for x amount of time.




          You could try posting the advancedagent.msi to the portal, (you would need to rename the agent_with_status.exe to match the name the advancedagent is looking for) then post the exe to a public address somwehere so the advanced agent can download and execute it. But with the end users not having admin rights, that limits a lot.