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    Customers Parent/Child Relationship


      can we customize customers parent/child relationship in LDSD ? Example i have customer A and customer A has its customers AA , can we customize LDSD accordingly

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          I don't see why not.  Their each users, it's just a mater of linking one to the other just like you do with any other collection.  Service Desk won't care if one is related to the other unless you do something in process.  It sounds more useful for reporting.

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            What sort of customisation do you have in mind?  Customer Groups can be linked together in relationships to give you a structure of customers and you could use dynamic forms to display different attributes for each contact or end user depending on some values held in their record.

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              can i create a separate customize window or whole process for customer A and its sub customers AA.

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                If you are trying to set up a multi-tenanted environment in LD, that will be pretty hard to do as there are some things that are shared.  e.g. you cannot have two response levels called A for customer A and also A for customer B.  So just be careful about what you are trying to do at a high level.


                But to answer your questions ....


                Separate customised window for Customer A and its sub customers.  Not specially but you might be able to achieve much the same result using a dynamic window.  If the value is X display these attributes, if the value is Y display these.  That may not be enough for you or it may be fine, YMMV


                A process for customer A and it's sub customers.  That isn't quite the way LD works.  You have a bunch of process, but they are not specially linked to a given customer.  If your requirements are to be able to let a given customer as an end user on the portal launch a process that is theirs, then yes you just set up the shortcut to launch that process.  If your requirements are that when customer launches a process as an analyst it behaves differently depending on who they are, then again yes you modify the process to look at the data value concerned.


                So the devil really is in the detail.

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                  thanks for detailed , can i contact you via phone that's make things more clear to me . You contact No required. Thank You

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                    My consulting daily rates are respectable :-), but if you wanted an initial general chat, sure thing.  I live in New Zealand and my email address should be up in my profile.