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    Reg Winzip Distirbution






      I m trying to distribute the winzip.msi package . I am trying for a silent installation on the client end.To do this i tried the command line " winzip111.msi /quiet ". But I keep getting a error  " The command line option conflicts with the option used in the delivery method or distribution package ".



      Any help would be appreciated!!






      Thank you



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          I would highly recomend that you visit http://www.appdeploy.com/index.asp



          This site has a lot of great information for application deployment.  Switches, security info, etc...



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            I do not fully understand what your end objective is but it sounds like you're trying to silent the install from the end user. If you look in the delivery method there is an option to hide all feedback from user, this should make your install silent if that's what you're trying to accomplish. As for the error, it sounds like you have your delivery method set for some type of feedback but your command line set for quiet. So in a sense you are asking it to do two things that conflict with each other. 


            Hope this helps