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    How can I add a Noticeboard Item from an Incident?

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      One of our Incident Management lifecycles includes a "Declare Major Incident" action and downstream status/branches.  We would would like to have an action associated with this status that creates a new NoticeBoard item (of a special "Major Incidents" Noticeboard Category that are shown only to Analysts).  How should I accomplish this?  Do I need to drag the Noticeboard object into Incident?  Or can I trigger it some other way.  I'd particularly like to automatically paste a lot of the relevant information into the Noticeboard fields.




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          I think this post should answer your question:

          What is the best known method for creating an Incident from a Problem?


          Creating an incident, change, problem, or even a noticeboard items should all be about the same process.

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            csoto Specialist

            Yes, that was very helpful.  Here's my "recipe" for doing this:


            1) In Object Designer, I dragged Incident onto Noticeboard Item and selected "Yes" to create a "Noticeboard Item Collection" on Incident.

            2) As you mention in that post, the hard part was remembering to add the action for this.  To do this, I selected the collection, clicked "Manage Actions" then added an action with Title "Create Noticeboard Item from Incident" and Action type of "Create Related" (did not select Propagate to children).

            3) In Process Designer, I dragged a manual Action Instance to the process, selected the action I just created, then drew my process workflow arrows (whatever those are called).

            4) Double-clicking the "Create Noticeboard Item from Incident" action instance brings up the Noticeboard Item window I expected.


            However, Step 4 above isn't really complete.  I can't add "Placeholders" to the Noticeboard Item window that let me pull in Incident.Title or Incident.Description, for example.  Any idea why?