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    Issues with Remote Control



      My Service Desk team are having issues with Remote Control via their citrix console session. They are able to use a local console install without issue. I've tried installing the Remote Console that is supplied via the webpage and this gives a similar issue. The connection fails with a generic "Unable to establish a secure session with the remote computer (-5)" message. What would I do to troubleshoot why they aren't able to do Remote Control from Citrix further? We're running LANDesk 9.5 Service Pack 1.

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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

          The remote control viewer under normal circumstances is trying to verify the logged in user (not the account used to log into the LD console) has remote control rights. Is it possible that the account they are using in the Citrix session is not the one that has been granted remote control rights within LD?


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            I had similar problems after upgrading to LDMS 9.5.


            I updated the remote control on the citrix server also, thinking it would work the same as it did previously, but be better supported for the newer LD version, but after it stopped working, we had to roll back to the version included in 9.0 sp3.


            Currently we are on LDMS 9.5 unpatched & running on the 9.0 sp3 version of the standalone remote control on Citrix without issues,