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    LD9.6 reboot setting



      I've running LD 9.6 and I'm currently testing the new reboot settings. I've configured "Detect whether reboot is needed" in the reboot settings also the user should get a promt before rebooting. We have installed a lot of patches and software on a test system and in the registry i can see a pending reboot but there is no promt or automatic reboot from the LD agent.


      Which keys or files do the LD agent check to detect a pending reboot?

      Is there a log file which logs that a pending reboot is detected or not?

      How can i see which reboot setting a client has?

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          All good questions. I was the one that initiated the ER over 4 years ago Restart Methods - Rebooting a Computer Sucks! however, I can't tell you since there is very little documentation on 9.6, I see posts on be patient it is coming but I don't see a lot on how the new changes work technically. 9.5 patching it would work off the vulscan reboot registry key. The help file provides a little help:

          •Detect whether reboot is needed: Checks with both the Windows OS and the LANDESK agent and initiates a reboot if either one recommends it. For example, once you install agents on devices, they may need a reboot to complete the agent configuration.


          My wish was that it would use OS settings and also LANDESK registry keys (vulscan) and there would be a option of what to select. The PendingFileRenameOperations key is somewhat of a polluted key and can be hit or miss. Here is a good article on how SMS/SCCM detects reboots for patches How to detect if a reboot is needed after installing a patch - Hans Ravnaas' Manageability Blog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs and a decent script from the SCCM side on detecting reboots Script Get-PendingReboot - Query Computer(s) For Pending Reboot State


          As for detecting what settings, that should be in the inventory under LANDESK Management | agent settings | Reboot Settings


          God this should be so much easier.....


          So on X64 on client it looks like they moved the logs to C:\ProgramData\LANDesk\Log you will see a log called ldReboot.log.


          Interesting on my agent setting I have to display system tray icon however I did not see one and the log states Thu, 11 Sep 2014 06:44:16 System tray icon is disabled


          Also, I think it is imperative in the log it state what caused the reboot. Simply put in the log what caused the reboot.

          That is in the ER, maybe I'm missing it in the log file, been a long night.

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            Here's some info I got from the developer when I was looking at the reboot stuff....


            Vulscan looks at 3 things to decide if reboot is needed:

            1. PendingFileRename registry key
            2. Wuapi has a COM property that says whether reboot is needed.  Vulscan calls that api.
            3. The vulscanreboot registry key might exist.


            As far as seeing what reboot setting a client has, you can check in inventory Computer > LANDESK Management > Agent settings > Reboot Settings



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              I think my problem was that i've checked the global setting "Never reboot" in the Agent settings. After i have unchecked the option the reboot detection worked. If that's right that the Agent setting "never reboot" overwrites all other reboot settings, it would be great if you would mention that in the "distribution and patch reboot settings" configuration.



              Thanks for the path to the log file and the detecting rules!