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    Fuse Landesk - can not login

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      I am trying to configure Fuse Landesk to use AD credentials. I have configured the service to use Token Only, same goes for Mobile Web Access. The user with which I am trying exists in the DB and it has a proper network login together with an email address. The Mobile Web Access works fine, however it is impossible to determine what is going on with Fuse.


      I have a error message : "Sorry but we can't find your profile. Could you please provide more information?". Indeed I use the Domain\Username from the advanced parameter and add the proper URL for the Mobile App service. If I come to modify the Domain\Username field to use the UPN instead (I have seen this somewhere) then it says it can not find the server to connect to...


      Did someone already encountered that error message? If yes, was there any solution?


      I am using LanDesk ServiceDesk 7.7.1 and an Android device to test.


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          Stu McNeill Employee



          I would first see if it all works from a desktop web browser as this has the least number of cogs.  First, try launching the Web Access URL that uses token authentication and see if it can log you in.  If that works then launch the Fuse URL and see if that works.  Only when both those steps work will the Fuse app itself work.