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    Batching Multiple Packages


      I've done a few searches on this but want to confirm some process.


      I have 350 machines with java u51 x64. I need to remove the 64 bit version and replace it with 32 bit.


      I have the .MSI for the 64 bit and can change the switch for the package to uninstall. That needs to happen first. I then want to follow up immediately with the 32 bit installation for which I have the package ready.


      I have seen some documents that suggest using Provisioning and stacking the installs this way. I didn't know I could use that feature on existing OS's; I always thought it was available for building new machines and adding software.  So can I stack the installs this way?


      Or is there a preferred method to get this handled?



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          csoto Specialist

          What version of LDMS?  This sounds like the perfect scenario for Package Bundles in 9.6. You can chain multiple Software Distribution jobs and specify the order in which they run. I use this to deploy VirtualBox, then use a batch file to install the VBox Extensions. It's a great new feature.



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            I am using LDMS 9.5 SP2, but I remember this option being present in 9.0 SP3 as well:


            The Scheduled Tasks created from Distribution packages allow you to define an order of packages (Preliminary, Main, and Final). I use this often when upgrading small programs in our system.

            In your case, create two Distribution packages: one for the uninstaller, one for the installer.

            Create a scheduled task off of the uninstaller.

            In the Properties for that task, look under the option for the Distribution package. You will see a Package order listed near the bottom.

            Click on the radio button labelled "Final" and assign your installer Distribution package.

            Save the changes and test it out.

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              Both replies are excellent, thank you.


              I tested using the Provisioning template and that worked okay. I have now also looked at the package bundling and the stacking suggested above, which I just never noticed. Guess I should RTFM, huh? Who has the time?


              Anyhow, I now have a few ways of accomplishing this task plus some items to add to my toolbelt for the future. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.