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    Delayed Executable distribution ignores command line switches when launched in 9.5 SP1

    EJW Rookie

      Has anybody experienced this?


      I have a Executable (EXE) Software distribution that is setup to install silently and it installs perfectly when pushed and ran straight away.  The Distribution package had a command line switch entered into it when it was created to make it silent and automate the install process.  I changed the delivery method to allow for the package to be delayed once for 2 hours.  The package relaunches 2 hours later and I let it count down it's 60 seconds to auto launch.  The distribution launched but the install was not automated like it should have been.  It would seem that it didn't process the command line in the package.


      Oh, I almost forgot, If I launch the distribution and hit the "Deploy Now" instead of snooze, it installs perfectly.