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    Is there a way to store custom data in custom fields and be able to import/manipulate it via 32-bit console?


      We would like to use LANDESK to track all our IT assets.  Custom data such as what cost center or PO number it was purchased form is important to us.  Is there a way to create a custom field in LANDESK and import this information in via the 32-bit LANDESK console?  Is there a role-based administration attribute that I can set, so only authorized personnel can manipulate this inventory data from their 32-bit console?


      Another scenario would be -- we have field service vehicles assigned with a laptop, we would like to take our spreadsheet of what vehicle (license plate) is assigned with what laptop (host name) and dump it into the LANDESK database, and be able to view/edit it via the 32-bit console if at all possible?