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    Lenovo X131e Problem Provisioning

    MrGadget Expert

      Using Landesk 9.5 SP2.


      Using a Provisioning template and HII I can deploy a  image to a Lenovo X131e Notebook until it gets to CTOS. On rebooting during CTOS it blue screens with a message "can't find autochk".


      I checked and all the partitions are there, the correct one is active and bootable. Any help would be appreciated.


      One other note here is this is the first Lenovo I have dealt with all other computers are Dells.

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          Tanner Lindsay SupportEmployee

          That sounds like a problem with the image. Did you use the image the machine shipped with, or an existing one? What about the BIOS - is it set to UEFI or "Legacy"? If you manually install Windows from DVD/USB does it install? What about using that image? If that all looks good, perhaps just the boot record isn't set right. Even with a volume set active, Windows sometimes needs and extra step. A possible test would be to reboot the machine and load it into WinPE, but don't run any template. Open a command prompt and run "bcdboot.exe <PATHTOWINDOWS>". For example bcdboot.exe C:\Windows. Then reboot the machine and see if it goes better. If that works, then you can just add that action to your Provisioning template.


          More info about bcdboot: BCDboot Command-Line Options

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            MrGadget Expert

            We used the image that came from the factory, it has 3 partitions. The image was Sysprepped before capture,

            The bios is set to uefi. I think it was tried using legacy also.

            I booted it to Winpe and ran the bcdboot but that didn't help either.

            Also someone in the forum had one and suggested using a /t in the imageing line but that didn't work either.