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    How can I set a boolean based on whether Assignment was made outside the Current Group?

    csoto Specialist

      I have added a boolean attribute "IsEscalation" (our internal term, not to be confused with LDSD "Escalation Points") to Incident>Assignment.  I want to flag any Assignment that was made by an Analyst to someone outside that Analyst's Group.  For example, we might have the Help Desk look at a problem with a classroom AV system, not be able to figure it out, then make an Assignment to the Group that's responsible for escalated support of those systems (or a specific Analyst in that Group).  I want to set this boolean to True if this occurs, and leave if False if the Assignment is made within the Current User's Group.


      I currently have a Condition that checks if the Latest Assignment Group is equal to the $CurrentGroup$ macro.  If "Yes" then I just proceed back to "In Progress."  If "No" then I send an email to the Latest Assignment User's Manager (so they're aware they are being brought in). But I can't figure out how to also "flip" this boolean at that point.  Possibly, that can be a calculation field instead, but how would I do that, and WHEN would the calculation be made?  I'm a bit fuzzy on that.  Any pointers are appreciated.