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    best option to upgrade to 9.6

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      our current 9.5 sp2 Core server has some lingering issues so the decision was made that when we move to 9.6, new core server brought online. my question pertains to what are the best steps to follow in order to have Core9.5 and Core9.6 running simultaneously? My thought is that I should create a new core database instead of telling the 9.6 installation process to access the current production database for all of our equipment. My desire is for a smooth transition to the new core server for all of our user workstations and servers. We use LANDESK for our weekly patching of servers, so this has to be a transition without hiccups. We are also utilizing LANDESK for anti-virus protection thru Kaspersky.


      Thoughts? Suggestions?

      Thanks for your time and contributions

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          tabaird-arc,  based on your requirements you can do what you said, but are you also planning on pushing out updated agents?  When bringing up a 9.6 core server you can have a new database, but you would also need to copy the key files from C:\Program Files (x86)\LANDesk\Shared Files\Keys to the new 9.6 core. Then you can still manage the old agents until you push out new agents.  You would also need to create some sort of dns entry that makes it so inventory scans start coming in to the new server.

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            Thanks for the reply LANDnate, and yes, we plan on pushing out updated agents once we have moved to 9.6. I just want to be sure all options and scenarios have been discussed. For example, to utilize the existing database, am I correct in thinking that once I attach to that database, the current 9.5 server would have to be pulled down (and some database upgrade routine run against the existing database?)? Am I asking for major bumps in the road with that scenario? Or is the level of effort reduced just moving systems over to a new database? Currently I have the existing database and the new database both running on the same SQL server.


            Right now, the new Core server is sitting at 9.5 RTM as I decide which route to take. Another scenario I see is upgrading the new Core to the latest SP and patches and then pointing it to the existing database, change DNS entry for "old" core server IP to point to new Core server, and watch everyone report in on the new one. Wait a few days to make sure all is operational, then do an in-place upgrade to 9.6 on the new Core server.


            Two roads to take:  1. new core brought up to latest 9.5, takes over database, then in-place upgrade   2. new core server with new database brought up to 9.6, then migrate systems over to new core and database


            Any gotchas, key things to consider, etc with each scenario? Has anyone done something similar to what we are attempting?



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              To utilize the existing database you have a few options. First you can do like you said and create a blank database waiting for the devices to report in. The other option is to backup your current database and then restore to a new database container.  This you could then upgrade without losing your 9.5 core.  Lastly you could do an in-place upgrade like you mentioned.


              Like I mentioned before, make sure to copy the keys folder if you do a side by side.  Also make sure to back up any critical files or scripts that may be on your 9.5 server with a side by side migration.

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                Thanks LANDnate


                And here is a website I found very helpful for a side by side:  How to: Side by side migration from LANDesk Management Suite 9.5 SP2 to 9.6 | Tribulations of a LANDesk Engineer


                I currently have both Core's up and running and am carefully testing the new one to make sure the cutover is seamless to the users and to our engineers since we use LANDESK for patching every Tuesday.


                Thanks again