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    UEFI builds


      Hi Guys,

      Im using 9.5 SP1 and we have started receiving some tablets and because of our harddrive encyption software we need to build images in UEFI mode. I cant find any information or documentation on this. Does anyone have any useful information or better searching skills?


      Thanks all!

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          bcstring SupportEmployee

          What information do you need exactly? For proper UEFI support it would be best if you can upgrade to a more recent version of LANDESK, in SP1 we still were working out a few kinks, especially when booting tablets. As for how the images have to besetup the same rules apply, only difference there are multiple partitions that have to be setup. If you are using ImageW this is simple because it will capture the whole disk (all partitons and partition table) and lay it back down. If you are using ImageX there will be a couple extra steps, but nothing too difficult. Also, PXE Booting UEFI devices is different from regular PXE boot. This is due to the UEFI firmware being unable to handle PXE Responses currently. Here is the doc explaining how to PXE Boot UEFI devices.


          How to PXE Boot devices with UEFI


          Let us know what other questions you may have.