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    Notify assignee email not working

    richard.redgrave Rookie


      I am implementing Problem into our LDSD environment, but I am having difficulties getting an email notification (reminder) to send when you add a note and tick the notify assignee button. This works fine on the existing Incident/Request process.

      I am copying what we have for incident at the moment, and the problem seems to be that I cannot enter text into the "Group" or "User" field, or if i do manage to enter text it will not keep it.


      For instance, our Incident process has a reminder task which has "Notify Assignee" ticked, but also "Group" has "Incident/CurrentAssignment/Group" in the field and "User" has "Incident/CurrentAssignment/User" in it.

      I cannot seem to get this information to save on our Problem process. I am trying to input "Problem/CurrentAssignment/Group" but the text disappears when I click save or ok.


      Any ideas?