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    Login VT 100


      Dear Support Team,.


      Could you help with this issue?



      The customer  has being using wavelink for a long time withou login.

      Now he  needs to make the auto-login. When he configures the screen attached he can not connect, but if he clears the password in the host and login with no password it connects with no problem!


      Could you explain what is needed for auto login to work?




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          Matt Dermody SSMMVPGroup



          You need to make sure that the username and password prompts that the host system is presenting match the prompts that you have configured in the TelnetCE settings. For example, in your screenshot, TelnetCE is configured to look/screenscrape for a prompt that is just "login:" and then a follow up prompt of "password:". If those prompts don't match what your host system is presenting then this auto login feature won't work correctly.

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            Dear JM,

            Thanks a lot for the hint,  it does make sense.


            I will let the customer know and get back here,


            Best regards, Manoel