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    What are the plans for future ServiceDesk management?

    ma92675 Apprentice

      I'm wondering if there are any near-future plans to either make the SD Console with a modern look/feel/functionality and more user-friendly, or remove it completely and go to entirely web-based design and management of ServiceDesk.  Does anyone have any updates on this other than "We plan on moving to web entirely in future versions"...I believe that has been said for years now?


      Just wondering if there are definitive plans...

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          Good question ! Indeed they have been talking about that for some time. I think you can be 99% sure that there will be no design changes made to the console application. Let me see if I can get some more information on this...

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            Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

            LANDESK have been moving away from Console to the Web UI for a while now; WebAccess and FUSE are the way forward on their roadmap.


            Console (according to my current understanding from LANDESK) is planned to be deprecated by the end of 2015 with FUSE being the current target for the Design and Admin side currently performed by LDSD console.  If your Analysts are still using console for BAU these days then I suggest you start planning a migration to WebDesk for them; talk with LANDESK consultancy or a local partner to assist as required.  Console should only be used for Administration and design these days.



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