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    Console and Agents Stopped Communicating

    fdyanez Rookie

      We were working with a test system and disconnected it from the network.  When we reconnected it several days later and tried to access it through the console, it was no longer in our device list and it did not automatically get added back in.  We tried rebooting the system, but it did not help.  We turned on the Windows firewall log, but do not see any traffic from the console being blocked.  In the investigation, we determined that none of our devices show that they have been scanned in the last week.  The agent systems in question reboot every night, plus we had tried to reboot the test system, so we thought the next step would be to reboot the server.  This was done, and, now, we cannot connect from the console to the devices.  I started capturing the traffic between the console and one of the devices from the console side, and I am seeing very minimal traffic.  When I click on a device, I see a ping and a reply, but no other traffic.  In the past, I have seen traffic over several ports like 9595 and 9535 trying to establish remote control capabilities.  All LANDesk services are running on the console, and the same is true on the test system which is on site.  There is no firewall between the devices and the console, except for the Windows Firewall on the devices.

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          When you say console, do you mean server? Communication for inventory is sent on port 5007 to the LANDESK server. You need to troubleshoot the issue of the client sending inventory to the LANDESK server.


          Is the inventory service running on the LANDESK server? If you manually launch the inventory scanner on the client what message does it give? Does it show it communicating and scanning or does it give an error?


          Your console is trying to connect either using the last IP address held in the database (default) or using DNS (if you changed the agent discovery options in your console). If devices are not scanning connecting to the device using the console is not what you need to troubleshoot, you need to find out why they are not scanning because the problem is only going to get worse.


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            fdyanez Rookie

            Thank you for the reply.  All but one of the issues seem to have resolved on their own.  The one issue I have left is that I cannot use remote control from the management console.  Other users do not have an issue.