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    Possible to force an auto creation of a task on an incident?

    NickBrown Apprentice



      A request came through internally to have a task automatically created on an incident when the incident is a Priority 1. Essentially what the task is for is enforcing that the incident is not closed until an internal postmortem is completed on the incident. I've been trying to get LANDesk to automatically create the task when the Priority1 conditions are set but so far have been unable to get it to automatically create, only get to the point in the process where the user can click the action to create the task. Is auto-creation of a task a possibility?

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          Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

          Absolutely it is.


          Just drop the "Add Task" action onto a process as an automatic action.   As an automatic action you then need to populate it's values either using static data or grab from elsewhere on the process using value types or calculations. 


          The trick I guess is to only create (on Save I'm guessing) when priority is 1.    You'll need to have the "Start Status" (black bullet) status at the head of your process and a (diamond) condition that tests if the Priority attribute the value required and then branch (true) to your new automatic action, else bypass it (false) and carry on to the OPEN status.


          I'm simplifying down but that is the gist.  You can set which  TASK process to fire as a property of the automatic action.