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    Profile Migration - Users Application data!



      We are using Landesk 8.7 (fully service packed), we are in process of testing Proflle migration in LAB environment.



      We've created a collection and selected:



      desktop settings, printers, mapped drives, wallpaper but exc my documents and screen resolution!



      We then created an exe for "user initiated installation" and performed a profile capture on laptop A.  After that finished, we logged onto laptop B and then performed a user initiated restore.  To our surprise no user application data is migrated! (So no outlook settings, ost's/pst's word settings etc!) but the desktop items, wallpaper, printers were all there. (also the default printer wasn't set!)



      We then created a new/different collection, then created a different exe that only included the desired applications, then ran a profile capture again on laptop A, however when we run a user initiated restore on laptop B, we are seeing folders created on the root of the c:\ and they seem to be copied from the original users laptop! the restore can take 45 mins! (i guess whilst giggs of data are copied from network restore location to new laptop).



      What we also noticied is that some of the users "My Documents" was also collected in the proflie migration, even though our second collection/exe only had "Application Rules" checked and NOT "Settings"



      Is this correct by design? by that, does desktop settings within a collection, only refer to items on the desktop?



      How can we remove the items that are being copied from users c:\ when our collection on has "Applications" (Word, Outlook, Excel) checked?



      Any help/device would be really appreciated! As we might have to go back to using Windows "File Settings and Transfer Wizard" despite investing in LANDesk!



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          I'm not sure who presented the profile migration tool as a solution to your problem, but they ought to be willing to support it now It's showing its age. I think the application migration issue will be due to the office files having moved - as you probably noticed from the selection of predefined apps, they're not up to date. You can create new app definitions by copying and modifying the ones that are already there, if you know JavaScript. The speed issue is endemic to the way it creates cab files. With either of these issues, the best path forward is to raise them with support and get ER numbers so you'll be notified when we fix/replace the tool.


          In the meantime, I'd use USMT or SMA to do the job. This requires some hacking, and both are easier to do in Provisioning than OSD, but there are howto's and hints on this forum and on droppedpackets.org. I'd post links, but I'm already pushing the blackberry's limits by replying at all.

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            thanks for the prompt reply!



            Are you aware if this has been improved in 8.8! or whether this just doesn't work as i thought it should?



            BTW, Although this is all new to me, i will look into Provsioning route to!






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              It hasn't improved in 8.8, to my knowledge. Couple of things, now that I'm at a computer:


              You can't add new scripts in C:/Program Files/LANDesk/ManagementSuite/ldlogon/pmscripts/applications/ -- you just have the ones there to modify.



              Using SMA  with Provisioning: http://www.droppedpackets.org/osd/provisioning/sma-profiles/ (Lenovo-specific)





              Using USMT with Provisioning: http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-2290

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                I forgot to ask about SMA being IBM/Lenovo specific! but i guess you've answered my question.



                For non IBM/Lenovo machines USMT is the way forward (correct me if i'm wrong!).  Excuse my ignorance as i'm not that clued up on Provisioning, but i briefly read the link on USMT from your post above, but isn't that only for capture! how would i deploy the copied profile to an already built machine?



                So if user is changing laptop (laptop A), and I already have a machine built (laptop B), how do i get the "Provisioned"  profile copied to the new machine?