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    Landesk 9.5 - Build query to locate a specific .txt file


      Hi all,


      I have been trying to find a way to build a query to locate a specific .txt file we have on a few workstations in the c:\ProgramData folder.

      I have amended the ldappl3.template file to include .txt files in the ScanExtensions and set the mode to listed and ensured the folder is not in the excluded folder section.

      In the Manage Software List i can see the .txt file in the "To be scanned" section if i search for *.txt and i have made this available to all clients.


      I have ran a full sync scan many times on the machines which have this file to test my query but my search results always come up blank


      My search query is

      "Computer" . "Software" . "Package" . "File Name" = "filename.txt"

      I have also tried Like and Exists with no joy either.

      Any ideas what i am doing wrong, my goal is to run my report and have it list the computers which have this file in the ProgramData folder.