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    Prevent deployment over vpn



      We need to change our deployment of MS Office to save on licensing costs, which means we have to do a total uninstall and reinstall. As part of this we're going to deploy to a site at a time. This may run into issues if a customer takes their laptop home and then connects via VPN the next day, to my understanding this machine should report in and try to run the tasks that we'll have scheduled. What's the best method for ensuring any machine on our VPN subnets aren't targeted when they're next online?

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          Remember that with a VPN, unless you are actually running the setup from a file share, the install is only happening once it has downloaded the files so are you concerned about the download speed or the threat of an install across the VPN?


          So you have a few choices (depending on the version you are on. I will assume 9.5SP2 or higher.


          Pre-Cache. Get the files out there first and target that in a way that hits only clients on your network right now (such as a Push). Then if they do go home they have local copies of the install files)


          Batch/VB type script that errors out if it doesn't see a local copy of the install files. If you aren't too bothered about download bandwidth when internal then you could have it perform the download or use this as part of the pre-cache model I mentioned before.


          Change download options on the delivery method (my preferred option). Disable the download from source option and Peer Download. This means it will ONLY install from the cache OR a preferred server. Drawback here is that if you have preferred servers that are not set to service specific IP ranges then they might be used. You need to make sure all Preferred servers are IP address restricted.


          There are other ways but these spring to mind.


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            Thanks for the ideas. We currently use Run from Source for all of our distributions with site print servers hosting the application files via DFS with namespaces. Also do you know of a way to prevent this task from running during business hours?