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    PXE representative server different VALN


      Q1- can I install PXE representative server in the same Landesk core server?

      Q2 – can I OSD deploy 20 PC’s at the same time from PXE representative?

      Q3- my network three Vlans ,

             Vlan 24 install core server, it’s working normally.

            Vlan 22 install PXE representative server, successfully installation  .

             Vlan 167 will use for OSD deploy win 7 .

      - I completed open ports in firewall between VLANS , as shown in web site https://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-1591

      know my question what configure need to can deploy PC from different VALN ?

      hint: All VLANs use the same DHCP server but different subnet , i must use one PXE representative server .