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    Having trouble with UEFI PXE Booting? This may help

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      Info about my environment


      1) Image: Win 8.1 x64

      2) LDMS Version: 9.6

      3) PXE deployed with 9.6 support


      I've followed the instructions already listed at How to run Provisioning tasks on a UEFI device


      I couldn't believe I was having so much trouble getting this to work. So after a call to LDMS and talking to Nick, he discovered that by creating my device via Bare Metal it was assigning the core's IP address to the device and hence why UEFI PXE booting was not working.


      The workaround? A simple and quick one liner done from the core's command prompt


      "C:\Program Files (x86)\LANDesk\ManagementSuite\barescan.exe" -v name=DEVICENAME mac=DEVICEMAC  (note, to grab the mac I simply put the machine into legacy, waiting for the F8 Menu to come up and grabbed the mac from there. Just don't forget to put it back to UEFI)


      While not ideal, its a temp workaround for us. Since this is a dev environment it's not major, but it's keeping up from rolling prod to 9.6 until this can be fixed.



      Anyways, hope this helps someone else out there, and if you are having this problem, please let LANDESK know and you can reference Case 00794012. Apparently I was the 1st customer to call this issue in. The more customers who report, the quicker this can get fixed.


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