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    Push behaviour in LDMS 9.6 act like a policy

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      Hi everyone,


      We are facing a big challenge at one of our customers with LDMS 9.6. In the past (pre 9.6), when a push task was started and the target couldn’t be reached, the task fails and stay failed. With this behaviour you had a bit of a control that a software distribution runs only out of business hours and didn’t interfere the daily business.  Now with 9.6, if the client gets online and the policysync runs, the missed out push task is synched too and starts immediately.


      Now you could say ok, I use the maintenance window to exclude business hours for the push tasks, unfortunately this option is only available for patches.


      I’d like to know if others are experiencing the same and how you get around this.

      I have an idea to run a windows scheduler, that moves the “push client policy” task.XML files to a backup folder at business hours and bring them back out of business hours. That will work but from my point of view there should be a solution in the application.


      Any ideas would be much appreciated.


      Kind regards


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          bcstring SupportEmployee


            I know you already have this info, but I will share it here for the community as well.


          The best way to get the task to stop is to right click on it and select cancel. However, sometime that option is not available due to the status of the task, in which case removing all the machines from the task is the next best option. Unfortunately none of these are really efficient workarounds. We have fixed this in SP1 for LDMS 9.6.




          Bryce Stringham

          Product Support Engineer