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    How to point survey link to different web instances?

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      I have a unique situation where we have two different network AD domains crossing onto one LANDesk database. Everything is working aside from one thing, users on the domain where LANDesk is not hosted cannot complete surveys. Reason being is the the link they are provided is to the app pool used on the LANDesk hosted domain, and not the second domain. I'm OK with setting up the message to say: if on this location use this link: X and if on this location use this link: Y. I have tested that this works fine, but I cannot seem to figure out how to manipulate the process to give the second link. In fact, I'm not even sure where the code inside the action in the process is being generated from:




      Essentially the URLS are https://<name>/Touchpaper.WebAccess.domain1/wd/Logon/Logon.rails and https://<name>/Touchpaper.WebAccess.domain2/wd/Logon/Logon.rails


      Domain1 being the LANDesk hosted environment, works fine for all users on that domain. However, Domain2 users are getting Domain1 URL when being asked to complete the survey and therefore unable to authenticate with the system and complete the survey.

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          Jenny.Lardh SupportEmployee

          Hi Nick,


          The Process Approver link is set in the Settings - System option in Console (top left menus), however you can only have one link in here.

          If you need to use two different links you can still do so though. You can use the link itself rather than the process approver Placeholder. Copy the link from the Process Approver setting and use this URL directly in your Reminder in the Process.


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