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    Store mac files (.pkg, .dmg, etc.) on a windows share?


      Does anyone store both their PC installers and Mac installers on the same Windows file share? We vaguely recall permissions getting destroyed when we had unzipped Mac packages on a windows share and were wondering if other people have had success in this. The end goal is to store all files on the same physical storage and file share. Thanks for any help!

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          I do.


          DMG is fine windows won't mess it up.

          PKG and MPKG must be zipped on a *nix based device (like mac) before putting them on a windows machine or you can put them in a DMG

          SH files do loose permissions but the agent gives it execute rights before running a SH file


          The other thing to keep in mind when setting up your share is that in the current release of LDMS the mac agent only handles web shares for SWD.