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    Agent install error 1603

    rickorhino Apprentice

      Getting a failure on installing a provisioning agent for 9.6. It is my first task after CTOS and I am using the "configure agent" action with telling it to use the self contained and it is the first task under "system configuration". The error is 1603 but i see nothing that explains that failure.


      From the confighandler.log


      2014-10-09 20:17:10(3676-3680) ConfigHandler.exe:Doing install of self contained agent.

      2014-10-09 20:17:10(3676-3680) ConfigHandler.exe:Agent Path: \\"EDITED"

      2014-10-09 20:17:10(3676-3680) ConfigHandler.exe:Attempting self contained agent install.

      2014-10-09 20:17:10(3676-3680) ConfigHandler.exe:Checking for local version of \

      2014-10-09 20:17:10(3676-3680) ConfigHandler.exe:Will attempt Peer Download.

      2014-10-09 20:17:10(3676-3680) ConfigHandler.exe:Will attempt Preferred Server Download.

      2014-10-09 20:17:10(3676-3680) ConfigHandler.exe:Destination describes an existing folder copying source file to it.

      2014-10-09 20:19:30(3676-3708) ConfigHandler.exe:Download COMPLETE. Downloaded from \\"EDITED"

      2014-10-09 20:19:30(3676-3708) ConfigHandler.exe:Destination path: C:\ldprovisioning\"EDITED"

      2014-10-09 20:19:31(3676-3680) ConfigHandler.exe:going to execute C:\ldprovisioning\"EDITED"

      2014-10-09 20:19:55(3676-3680) ConfigHandler.exe:system() return 1603


      If I choose to let it continue all my software deployment tasks fail. However the last task of configure agent with the "production" agent is successful.