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    PC stays in Task with a static icon when removed from AD group

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      Once a PC is removed from an AD group, when LANDesk refreshes the LDAP query, that entry stays in the Task with a static icon (instead of the query icon). To leave it there with a static icon means if the package is re-pushed, that PC will receive it even though we didn't want that.


      I was told this is how the function works, because people wanted to know who received it at one time. If reporting is needed to see who has this package, it can be done via Reporting, SLM, or quires. I was given several options to work around this, but I feel that's unnecessary work. When I remove the PC from the AD group and LANDesk refreshes that query, it should be removed from the Tasks. What is your take on this?



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          I think you have a very valid point here, when you remove them from the LDAP group they should be removed from the list (More of a smart type technology). I think that LANDesk has a similar view but it's just taking them a little time to move that way. If you are working with policies It seems to me that LANDesk does have an option that does this. You can check this out and let me know.



          When adding your LDAP group to your task a small window appears with three options. 1) User Objects 2) Machine Objects 3) Group Objects. If you select either user or machine you will NOT get the dynamic list that you were talking about. It is only when you select the group objects check box and then you will have the dynamic list that you are looking for. I hope this helps.



          Again this is only for Policies.