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    Tasks multiply when the "Save" or "Save and Close" buttons are clicked


      Has anyone else experienced an issue with tasks continuing to multiply when the "Save" or "Save and Close" buttons are clicked?  We recently developed out a modification to our current incident process for Hot Swaps.  The challenge was to have a decision point early in the process that if it was a Hot Swap then it would run that branch of the process, however, if the incident was already categorized when the decision that the resolution would be a Hot Swap, then by creating a new action instance it would trigger the Hot Swap branch further in the work flow process.  All is good when it comes in categorized as a Hot Swap.  We found that using the action instance functioned as designed, however, everytime the "Save" or "Save and Close" buttons are clicked the tasks are recreated - again and again and again - creating an endless open loop of tasks that have been completed, but that are now showing as open again.  A snapshot of the work flow process is below.  Both branches are highlighted in yellow.  The top branch is when it comes in categorized as a hot swap.  The lower branch below the "In Progress" status is when it needs to be recategorized as a Hot Swap.


      Would welcome any insight/suggestions/thoughts whether you've experienced this issue or just see something in the way the work flow process has been designed that might be creating this to behave this way.  Again, it is only multiplying the tasks for the action instance - not the top part of the work flow process.  None of the other incident's are having this issue.

      Hot Swap Snapshot of process.PNG