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    creating a self service incident window


      I am creating our self service system and want to create a simple version of our incident window for our users. The window will have 4 or 5 fields on it and I want it create an incident and assign it to our service desk. How do I create this window and how do I gte it to display from the self service screen?

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          Have you been on the admin/boot camp training?  Without that background it will be hard work.  You could also ask whoever set up your system to assist?

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            Hi dmshimself,

            no I have not been on that course. I work in the IT department and we set up and administer LANDesk Service Desk. We do not have the finance available to send staff on that course I'm afraid.

            We are not unfamiliar with the product, we have set up new objects and windows and CIs and have a working interface with Microsoft SCCM and other systems for asset management.We have also created new processes and dashboards.

            We know the rudiments of self service and can add gadgets etc.and I think we have worked out the publishing process and its "links" with console and managing shortcuts.  What we do not know how to do is how to create an incident screen with 5 fields for our users rather than the analyst screen which has 20 odd - we dont really need stop the clock etc.

            Any guidance, LANDesk manual references you can point us to would be appreciated.



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              Let's take this to be a good learning exercise then.  The WebAccessAdmin.PDF is a must read.  That tells you the mechanics of how to configure dashboards and gadgets, but you will need to set aside some time on your test system to got through and see what each one does.  Next is the LDSDDesigner.PDF which I suspect you may have used sections of.  There focus on window manager.  What you need to do is find the window you are currently using, right hand click and copy.  Rename it to be something sensible and get rid of the attributes and collections you don't want by deleting them.  Then use the Windows Manager rules to set this window to pop when anyone is using self service to log an incident.


              That would get you a basic window for end users.  Like other areas of LDSD experience really does count and crafting a really good looking self service does take some time.  So allow yourself time to knock up a few prototypes.


              Also use the community to find examples that other people have done.


              Web Desk and Self Service


              Would get you to roughly the right area and look through all the discussion items.  Some people have publish very neat examples of how they have configured self service.


              Check out the use of Business Object Reports to make queries that can display icons and different fonts, even links to actions that and end user can take.


              I allow a day to set up a basic self service environment for one of our clients, providing I know what they want to do in advance.  That discovery can take a bit of time too as LDSD can do a lot with self service.

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                Thanks Dave. Thats really useful.

                I already had those docs in my back pack for reading on the train to work - very sad, but also quite exiting to do new stuff. Anyway, it shows we are on the right track for doing our research.

                I have also found LANDesk Service Desk 7.5: Part 1 - Self Service - YouTube videos from Andy Parker at LANDesk. In video number 1, he shows the sort of Self Service incident screen we would like to use and mentions use of templates. We are using templates for the hot topics our analysts use - they have preset text, incident categories etc.

                Is Andy's approach the same as you are suggesting above with finding the incident windows, doing a copy and deleting fields? I have just experimented setting "show on window" to false a field, and miraculously, it does not appear! Can I preset a value in a field like an incident category and then hide it? If so, How do I do that?

                Thanks for your help so far Dave. Its progressing.


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                  There are often several ways of doing the same thing with LDSD, so I'd certainly try out Andy s suggestions and see what works best for you.


                  If you want to preset your category you'd probably best using a template to set the value and then hide the attribute as you have already done.  I've often set the source of an incident to be mail, self service, and so on using this method so you are tagging data that is useful, but doesn't need to be visible.


                  Depending on the version you are using make sure you save often.  If you window goes blank and any time when you are desiging it, just exit and do not save

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                    Thanks Dave. We are progressing well and thanks for your help.

                    I may be back for some more advice.

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                      Hi again Dave,

                      By the way we are LANDesk Service Desk version 7.7.1.

                      we have created a few windows and dashboards and added them to our self service system.

                      Our current snag is that when we get an end user to access self service, they can display a window which we have set up, e.g. email issues, which has the few fields on it we require them to complete, but they cannot type into the fields, they are greyed out. This must be a privilege issue? The end users have been given the default PortalEndUser role. How do we give them privileges to fix this issue?



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                        If those attributes are calculated fields or marked as Read Only in window manager or are related attributes such as the telephone number from the raise user field, then they are not going to be able to update them.  Yes you can also have attributes that have privileges - that is a bit rare, but if that is the case then you'll need to grant rw access to those attributes in the administration compoment for that role for the attributes concerned.  Maybe a screen shot?

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                          this is the window which was copied from the standard incident. We have simply hidden fields, no calulations and no read only. The text was typed by me into the template which was then saved. When a user logs in, they cannot type into those fields - they are greyed out.

                          Any ideas?


                          SS incident.png

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                            I suspect the design of that window has those fields as write once.  if you want people to be able to update, change the property in the window design for that attribute to be read/write

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                              We have checked that. All fields are read write - the same as the original incident window we created our self service incident window from.

                              We have given our self service users a default PortalEndUser role. Does this need to be PortalAnalyst for them to log incidents?

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                                Does that role have write access to the processes?  For example for an  incident process they could have been given read only access, so you might want to check to see if they have been given create and update access to the processes as well.

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                                  Hi, I've been away on hols.

                                  Yes, that has done it on the permissions front.

                                  Thank you very much.

                                  Next step is to sort out how to auto assgn the incident to our Service Desk rather than it being assigned to the self service user.themselves

                                  We are looking at




                                  to help with this.

                                  Thanks again.