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    LANDesk ServiceDesk 7.7.3 does not work when installed on Win 2008 R2 locallized (Polish version)


      I encountered some problems installing LDSD server and client on Windows 2008 R2 locallized (Polish version)

      1. Whatever installation language I choose installation always goes on with Polish interface (you can live with it but that is misleading)

      2. Installation went OK  also no errors in log files.

      3. When I reach creation of instance i receive screen as below and I can not connect to database (I restored out of the box English database on SQL Server with no problem)


      Change fro SQL Server into Oracle and back did not help.

      The same results were received for IE 9, 10 and 11, latest Firefox and Chrome.

      It was necessary to move into machine with operating system in English version.


      Conclusion: LANDesk ServiceDesk should not be installed on localized version of Windows 2008 R2!

      At least not on Polish version as it will no be possible to create any instance in this case.(Maybe other localized Windows version are OK)


      You can live with it as long as you know it. So that should be recognized during installation or at least there should be some info in setup  manual .

      Any comments?