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    How can I Improve Survey Percentage?


      Every resolution e-mail has the following at the top:


      Your issue has been closed. Our support staff are evaluated on your experience. Please fill out a survey and be entered to win a monthly drawing for a $25 gift card.



      The link goes directly to the survey of the incident.  I am averaging just a 3.4% response rate.  Any suggestions on how to improve the percentage?

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          karenpeacock SupportEmployee

          Are you able to look via google analytics to see if there are a higher number of users who click to load the survey than those who bother to complete it?  You should be able to filter for page visits where the page includes the action "completesurvey" (or whatever your survey action url includes). 

          Just thought that might be helpful in narrowing down whether the email entices them or not / the number of questions to complete puts them off for example.



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            Good suggestions, thank you.


            My survey has only 4 drop downs, a place to enter comments, and a check box to have a manager contact them.

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              dmshimself ITSMMVPGroup

              That's not a bad percentage for the general population.  Some ways to increase it...


              • Let people know that if they make comments, actions will result.  Sometimes people just get tired of surveys when they 'know' nothing will happen.
              • Publish the results of the surveys right in peoples faces - that tends to attract attention as people want to make their views felt.
              • Consider a different survey tool (disclosure, my company does one) - if you survey people too often they get tired, so you need methods to stop over surveying, improving random-ness, varying the survey based on data and so on.  I had a great example of people being surveyed about their views on SLAs when the SLA had been busted.  For this it would be nice to send them a different survey showing you know the SLA was met and asking specific questions around that.


              But as I said 3.5 to 5% isn't  a bad number with a simple tool like the process based survey in LDSD