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    Check first touch user


      Hi Guys,


      I have a dilemma here, I was supposed to find who is the Ticket's first Analyst updater. I can't see how I would get the information to be displayed in a query. Any suggestions?


      To illustrate:

      1. User A files a ticket. Ticket is now in Awaiting Response state

      2. Analyst A updates the ticket. Ticket is now in In Progress state

      3. Analyst B updates the ticket. Ticket is still in In Progress state. Last Update is now Analyst B

      4. Analyst B closes the ticket


      We'd like to identify Analyst A on the query aside from the Last updater who is Analyst B.




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          Unless the analyst updating the incident adds to a collection (assignment, note, resolution, etc) updates are not tracked  in a way that is easy to access.  Even if they do add to a collection it's hard to find who was the previous analyst to touch an incident.  Outside of Service Desk it's easier to do but still not perfect. I don't think your going to find what you want unless you can access the audit history and that's not a table you can look through.

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            I've been doing a makeshift query using the assignments although it takes quite some time to populate (sometimes even times out). Well I just thought somebody knows a better way than what I've been doing.